Established Sept. '22, UO: Hyperion is an OSI-like, Felucca ruleset-only server (felucca rules apply everywhere and no trammel), that combines the best pre-aos mechanics with all of the post-aos content! UO:H was made for crafters, PvM players, PvP players, and everyone in between.

What does "OSI-like" mean? For Hyperion, we wanted to create a server where you can login and just play UO. You don't have to learn a whole new world/maps, ecosystem, gear and weapon systems, skill systems, etc. to get started. The custom systems we have implemented now and in the future will not detract from the original content. Custom maps and content in the future will be optional to explore and utilize.

The player leveling system and accelerated skill gains allow even the most time strapped players to enjoy themselves. Hop on and do your thing. Everyone starts with an ethy horse (except gargoyles of course), blessed house placement tool, scissors & dagger, regs, some band aids, and a bit of gold.

The Hyperion server is located in Chicago on a 1gbps port, with nearly 100% uptime aside from our updates. Minor updates happen nearly every day with large updates every week or so.

  • 1,000 skill cap (1,200 with scrolls), 250 stat cap
  • 4 accounts per IP, 1 house per account
  • Pre-AoS mechanics
  • Post-AoS content (everything but trammel - pvp allowed everywhere)
  • Simple Player leveling system: gain skill points normally and at each level for fast progression
  • Pet Leveling
  • Poker table in Brit
  • auto cycling pvp events
  • holiday events
  • new tamables
  • new gear and artis
  • custom dungeon bosses
  • daily/weekly updates
  • friendly staff who care about the players and longevity of the shard!

Dedicated Server: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2670 | 64GB DDR3 | 1gbps dedicated port | Chicago (15-20ms ping for Midwest)